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Surveillance Analytics

Analytics and alerts on CCTV footage aren’t just luxury but a necessity.

Ability to know how many people/things are in a vicinity at a particular point in time or identify the kind of people/things there can help to forestall security threats/occurrence.

Getting real time alerts on security breaches without having to sit behind a camera all day has just made the job easier.

Irrespective of how many camera’s and camera manufacturers you have, we would integrate all into one platform.

Staff Vetting

Getting to know the valid residential address and location of a person/business makes business easier to transact with them.

We don’t just confirm the correctness of the address, we confirm the person/business resides there.

Personal address verification, Guarantor address verification, Online background check, Security background check, Medical background check, Education background check are all core of our business.

Distress Notification

Personal insecurity is a growing concern amongst people, we ensure you can reach out to people or your loved one’s when in need.

Be it Domestic violence, Sexual assault, Robbery, Road accident, Kidnap; having the ability to click a button and get people come to your aid is a necessity.

We empower your mobile phone, wrist watch, every other available wearable devices(IOT) to be used as a distress notifier.

SECLOT is a security-oriented start-up that deals on online security and physical security. Our interest in ensuring safety within and around us gave birth to different business subsidiaries. 

We believe in technology and is harnessing it for a better environment, we aren’t just ensuring you are safe physically, we also ensure your online safety. 

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